RCA offers a variety of educational opportunities. Beginner obedience classes teach you and your puppy/young dog basic commands. Concepts of consistency and repetition that effectively reinforce taught commands are also emphasized. Basic obedience is fundamental to the sport of field trial and hunt test competition. Obedience also provides the critical foundation for successful advanced training for event competition and bird hunting with your canine companion.  




Bring it.  (Whitewater’s De’naina Muse QA2, “Hottie”)

RCA also offers retriever classes that teach skills needed for competition in Junior and Senior hunt test stakes; as well as Derby and Qualifying field trial stakes. 

Seasoned members mentor new Club members to help them achieve their training goals, including advancement to the All-age level (e.g., Amateur and Open) of field trial competition.

RCA also sponsors educational workshops, Professional (Pro) handler clinics and seminars. These offerings are held in Alaska and are conducted by visiting Pro trainers from across the United States. The Club invites Pros to come to Alaska based on expressed memberships needs and requests for help at specific levels and areas of training.