Welcome to the Retriever Club of Alaska!



The Retriever Club of Alaska (RCA) is a Nonprofit (501c3) organization created to further the advancement of retriever breeds.   RCA is run by volunteer retriever enthusiasts.  RCA recognizes the importance of contributions that each individual has to share in achieving our mission and welcome members of all ages to participate. We are an American Kennel Club (AKC), adhering to AKC’s regulations and procedures.

RCA’s mission is to:

  • further the advancement of the retriever breeds.


  •  further the conservation of wildlife, in particular waterfowl and upland game birds through education and the use of trained retrievers for hunting.


  •  protect and advance the interests of retriever breeds by encouraging sportsmanlike conduct and competition at our retriever field events.


  •  conduct informal and licensed events under the rules of AKC.


  • conduct Club affairs in accordance with the principals set forth in the by-laws and articles of the Retriever Club of Alaska.


  •  educate the members and interested parties, regarding the training and natural abilities of retriever breeds.



The Retriever Club of Alaska is a proud member of the National Retriever Club, the National Amateur Retriever Club, the National Retriever Derby Club, the  Master Amateur Retriever Club, and the Master National Retriever Club.